Law Enforcement Individuals Can End The War on Drugs

“What, then, is law? As I have said elsewhere, it is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. Frederic Bastiat

Laws that are unnatural and violate the rights of individuals is not a law and it should not be enforced. The excuse of those who wear a badge and a uniform have for centuries used the excuse “we just enforce the law”. This excuse helped to doom 200 million people who were killed by governments around the world during the 20th century. Governments in reality didn’t kill those unfathomable numbers of people. It was the enforcers of the state “law enforcement” in the police and the military that arrested, imprisoned and executed these people.

Laws do not remove the responsibility and consequences of evil actions taken by those who are merely enforcing them. Only individuals act. Whether it’s in the military, the police force or in Congress, it’s individuals who make decisions to kill, steal or to imprison. Individuals who have become guardians of the state are tasked with violating individual rights due to “laws” on a daily basis. Individuals in uniform have the moral right, the ethical duty and the power to not enforce these unnatural laws that direct them to initiate violence against peaceful individuals.

Police officers, military personnel, DEA agents, and all the other defenders of the state have an amazing opportunity to create peace, prosperity and help millions of people all by not enforcing Drug Prohibition Laws. When law enforcement officers put on the badge, gun and uniform they do not have any special rights. Their rights are the same as any of us. And it’s because of our basic inherent right to self-defense.  Those in law enforcement are being used to protect budgets, fill prisons for profits, keep drug courts flowing and pharmaceutical companies in the black.

Police individuals are risking their life everyday for this. Is it worth it? That is the question everyone who works in law enforcement should ask themselves each day. Is it worth busting someone for the possession of a plant? Is it worth breaking down someone’s door, shooting their dog, and possibly killing them for a plant that has been used for over 10,000 years with no reported deaths due to overdose or allergic reaction? Peanuts kill more people than cannabis. Should law enforcement be used to raid the Jiffy plant?

If you wear a gun and a badge you are to enforce the law. Not the law of man but the natural law. This natural law is simply the recognition that each individual (including law enforcement agents) own themselves. Everyone has sovereignty over their own mind and their own body. It is everyone’s right to consume and produce what they choose to unless it violates the natural rights of others. If someone does initiate force against another, then that is where the police come in.

Protection of persons and property from harm is what the original intent and the only “lawful” use of force in society. That is an extension of self-defense. Law Enforcement officers can choose to not participate in no-knock warrants, to breaking down doors looking for drugs, or busting people who possess Cannabis. If the legislature will not act then it is every cops moral responsibility to act to nullify Drug Prohibition.

Right now your unions, your bosses, and all those who wield political power to enrich themselves are fighting with everything they have to keep Cannabis and other drugs illegal. Why is that? Because if they don’t their budgets will shrink, they will lose power and their pockets will be less full. It is sad when people profit from the suffering of others that they cause. You don’t have to a part of that system. You no longer need to be the instruments of evil of these people who don’t care about you or anyone else but themselves. Small actions taken by individuals added up together over time can create a revolution.

Jacky Hunt is a perfect example of those in power who profit from the War on Drugs. He is director of the drug task force in Kentucky and now complaining because hemp is legal to grow in that state. He said recently after spending who knows how much tax payer money surveilling a legal hemp grow “Law Enforcement fought tooth and nail with the implementation of this program. For me as a drug task director, I am looking for the potential for abuse…We already have so much to battle, and now we have a crop out there for all intense purposes looks exactly like the crop we are fighting against.”

Do you want to be on the side with that guy? He is saying that law enforcement is in a war against a crop. How insane is that? The problem is that crops don’t bleed, they don’t have families that miss them when they are gone, they don’t have property that can be stolen, and they don’t pay taxes. The real war is against individuals and their inherent rights. The real war is all about control, money, and violence. That man has a chance to change the world by simply stating that all Cannabis should be legal and that would free up cops to go after those who steal, murder and rape. Cannabis doesn’t do any of those things.

You are being used, you are being put in harms way, you are being told to hurt, kidnap, and kill people over a plant. You are better than that. Your life is worth more than that. The person’s life who chooses to use or not use drugs, is worth more than that. Police Unions, Correction Officer Unions, Directors of Drug Task Forces, and all those who gain power and profits from using you to steal, kidnap and murder, believe that your life and the individuals in society are disposable, unimportant, and have no natural rights.

Every individual has the right to self-defense, to consume and produce what they choose and to associate with whomever they choose to. The individuals who wear a gun and a costume don’t have any rights beyond what everyone else has. Each individual in Law Enforcement has the ability to ignore unjust laws, has the duty to refuse to invade someone’s home over a “crop”, and should immediately refuse to take someone’s life simply for growing or owning a plant.

Ending the enforcement of Drug Prohibition in the state of Georgia and across America is the fastest way to create a more peaceful and prosperous society and to reduce the violence between individuals whether they are wearing a badge or not. If you are interested more in this subject please visit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They have tens of thousands of former Law Enforcement Officers who are speaking out against the failed drug war. You have a responsibility to yourself to hear the other side. You are filled with propaganda all day long about the war on drugs. It’s time that all Law Enforcement to see what that the War on Drugs really is and that’s a war on people.

If you want to join LEAP I will personally pay the membership fee for the first 100 current Law Enforcement Agents who want to join.

You have the power to end the war overnight. You can read Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law” free on

Creating a Freer tomorrow by acting today

Brad Miller



CBD Oil Is Not Enough

The move by the Georgia Legislature last year to pass the law that “allows” individuals in the state to possess 20 oz of CBD oil that has less than 5% THC in it. It is approved for only ten diseases and you must get a recommendation from your physician. After that your physician enters your name into the state’s “secure” database and then you have to wait 15 days to pick up your “ID card”. But before they give it to you they demand $25.

This program is meant to help politicians look compassionate while benefiting the government. It is meant to increase the size of government and their control over individuals.  It is meant to generate income through the $25 fee. It also creates a non-constitutional fourth amendment violating database to track those who choose to follow the law so they can track who is using it. Recently in Nevada a woman was refused a gun purchase because she was a Medical Marijuana user and registered with the state.

I talked to my doctor about getting registered. He said that he didn’t know how to register me but did think it would help. I had to print up the paperwork and do the research on how to do it. But as I printed it up I began to think about how insane it is that I have to register with the sate in order to use a very limited form of a natural plant that I have the right to grow in my own back yard. So instead I decided to go to Denver to try it out myself. I did a ton of research and learned its the whole plant extracts or the high THC that are most effective for what is wrong with me. (which I do not, nor do I use Cannabis in the state of Georgia because of the enforcement of Cannabis Prohibition).

The CBD oil only law is a violation of everyone’s fourth amendment right to privacy. When the government tells you that you must “register” in order to exercise your inherent right of ingesting a plant, it is a demonstration of their This is another way for the government to reassert its claim that you don’t own your body, your mind or your privacy. My health care and my health care decisions, my diagnosis, how I want to treat my chronic pain, lower my inflammation and relieve my other symptoms is my own personal information and will never be given to a government bureaucrat. No government has the right to your personal medical information.

Most doctors have no idea about the amazing results people are having with Cannabis as a medicine. Doctors aren’t aware of these amazing stories because they are not being taught in medical school about the endocannabiniod system, which is inside the human body and is what the cannabinoids in cannabis act upon. The mainstream medical establishment which includes the medical colleges and big pharmaceutical companies and the Federal Government don’t want Cannabis Legalized until the can figure out how to profit from it. Doctors are also heavily influenced by pharmaceutical salespeople who pay them for prescribing their pills, give them gifts, take them out to dinner and send them on trips. Recently the maker of Fentanyl, a powerful pain killer, kicked in $500k to the anti-cannabis campaign in Arizona. The medical establishment is against Cannabis not because its ineffective or toxic because it is highly effective and extremely non-toxic unlike what the pill pushers are peddling.

On my second visit to Denver I attended a Cannabis Cooking Class and the next day experienced one of the best days I’ve had in the last thirty years of my life. That day of the Cannabis Cooking class we learned to cook with the oil made from with flower and had a great time and enjoyed a tasty meal. I noticed some effects that day that were positive but the next day I noticed a huge improvement. The next day I felt the best I’ve felt in 30 years. I didn’t feel impaired or “stoned” or lethargic. I actually felt energized. My pain level was extremely low and I wanted to get out and explore Denver. Which I did.  It was a revelation.

I’ve been in and out of hospitals for the past thirty years. I’ve been in chronic pain since I was twelve years. The day after I ingested the cannabis oil I felt the best I’ve felt in the last thirty years. The reason why I felt better after ingesting the oil made from the complete plant is because of what’s called the “entourage effect”. The entourage effect is the synergistic relationship that cannabinoids and the terpenes in Cannabis have with each other inside the human body. There combined actions are what has been   shown to help reduce pain and inflammation. Its not just CBD or THC, its the whole plant that is most effective for myself and for millions other. There are over 66 cannabinoids and hundreds of other compounds including terpenes that add together to deliver amazing pain reliving and disease treating effects.

To have politicians make the arbitrary decree that only CBD oil with 5% THC can be “legally possessed in Georgia is not enough to erase the damage that the criminal law of Cannabis Prohibition inflicts. It is merely a continuation of it. It is not okay to have politicians order me to  leave my family, pay thousands of dollars to travel across the country, travel when I’m sick and feeling awful in order to get access to the specific strains of Cannabis I have found helpful. This continued enforcement of Cannabis Prohibition is nothing less than an act of violence against me and anyone else who chooses to use Cannabis. Cannabis Prohibition is criminal and so is the pathetic attempt by politicians to placate the voters with the CBD oil law.

I want to stay in Georgia. I don’t want to move. I love being around my family. I have nephews and nieces that I want to see every week. I have family that are ill as well and I want to help them through their physical struggles. Families have had leave their support systems and  relocate to Colorado and Washington to be able to get the medicine they found that helped their children. Individuals have done the same. The Prohibition of Cannabis needs to end in the State of Georgia and it needs to end without the government clinging to the archaic belief that rights of an individual are granted by the state. This country was founded on the simple but revolutionary premise that individuals’ rights are inherent and not granted by the king or the government. The CBD oil law shows that politicians in Georgia still believe that they decide what rights we have. They act like they are being beneficial by “allowing” us to possess CBD oil. This is the opposite of compassion and opposite to the ideas that this country was founded upon. The CBD law is just another way that politicians increase their control over individuals, serve their corporate and federal masters while keeping their subjects under control.

The CBD oil law needs to be scraped and full legalization needs to replace it. I am not content to wait for the Georgia Legislature to come back into session and wait for them to “grant me the right” to ingest, possess, sell or grow Cannabis.  In the mean time Nathan Deal can step up and  help in a big way.  It will cost nothing and will actual help to stimulate the economy in a huge way. It will prove that he does care about the individuals of Georiga and he recognizes that our rights are inherent and not granted by him or anyone else who works in government. We call upon him to issue a simple statement that will effectively end Cannabis Prohibition in Georgaia

“I am ordering law enforcement in the state of Georgia to immediately stop arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning individuals who sell, buy, possess, or grow Cannabis or products that contain Cannabis.”

That is all it would take to free up millions of dollars of tax payer money to be used by the justice system to go after true criminals who steal property or hurt people. Milton Friedman put it best when discussing the harms of prohibition and the benefits of legalization.

But if Nathan Deal doesn’t have the courage to act because he lacks the courage, or if he thinks he can’t do this or if he is so indebted to Big Pharma or other anti-cannabis forces that he won’t act, there is another way for the people who are on the front line of enforcing Cannabis Prohibition in Georgia to help relive suffering, save lives, improve the peace and safety for all those who live in this great state.

If anyone in the Georgia Law Enforcement or Justice system that wants to help sick people, that wants to improve the relationship between police and the citizens, who want to starve the drug cartels out of their revenue, to lower drug violence in Atlanta, and believe that individuals own themselves and believe that all individuals possess rights that are inherent and inalienable because of their very humanity;  can nullify this law and change millions of lives for the better.

Police officers can refuse to arrest people for growing cannabis, selling it or growing it. They can refuse to steal money or personal property that they think is associated with the selling or growing of Cannabis. Prosecutors and District Attorneys can refuse to prosecute these types of cases. Judges can refuse to imprison people for simply exercising their inherent right to ingest, grow or sell a substance that is non-toxic and extremely beneficial. If police officers, district attorneys, judges and others in law enforcement would stop arresting, imprisoning and terrorizing those who purchase, sell, or grow Cannabis in Georgia peace, prosperity and healing for individuals and communities will follow. This nullification by law enforcement individuals of this unjust, illegal, and unconstitutional law would immediately help millions find relief from their misery without the stress of fearing that they will of lose their home, their car, their livelihood, their children, their cash or their freedom for simply ingesting a plant.

The CBD law is like giving a dog on a leash a few more inches of leash. It’s a violation of individual’s rights and prevents millions from gaining relief from chronic pain, autoimmune disease and even cancer. Legalize Cannabis In Georgia Today!

Brad Miller