Why I say Cannabis and not Marijuana

The war on drugs is based upon racist propaganda and misinformation that continues to this day. It is designed to rob individuals of their rights, enlarge government departments, steal billions of dollars worth of property from peaceful individuals by law enforcement and to fill prisons up for which judges, district attorneys, police chiefs and others in the justice system  profit from.

Henry Anslinger the head of the Bureau of Narcotics which was formed in 1930 was the number one proponent for the ban of Marihunana in America. He helped to gin up support and spread fear and misinformation through the media until Congress finally passed, after a short hearing, the 1937 Marihuana Tax act. This effectively  banned Cannabis production and possession in the United States. Henry Ansligner’s own quotes show what was really behind his desire to eliminate this “devil weed”.  Here are a few of his quotes:

“Reefer makes darkies think they’re as good as white men.”

“…the primary reason to outlaw marijuana is its effect on the degenerate races.”


http://www.druglibrary.org/schaffer/hemp/taxact/mjtaxact.htm (here you can read the full text of the “Marihuana Tax Act of 1937”. )

Marihunana as it was first spelled, was the Mexican word for Cannabis. It was used in place of Cannabis by those who wanted to scare the White American Majority that those of a darker skin tone, were dangerous and got “rapey” and even more violent when they smoked the “Devil’s Weed”. Stories and editorials filled the pages of the news papers at the behest of Henry Anslinger and  William Randolph Hearst was all too happy to spread fear throughout the country and sell a bunch of newspapers while doing it. These stories were always about brown people committing horrible crimes against white people, especially white women

Drug Prohibition has always been used to target and punish minorities or those that question government power. The government, the media and competing corporations gin up fear about the use of drugs and its effects on minorities so the majority plead with government to “protect them”. In the 1970’s Nixon took Anslinger’s playbook and greatly expanded it with The War on Drugs. His motives were just as pure as Anslinger’s. Recently one of Nixon’s top aides confirmed that the administration used the war on drugs to punish, control and disrupt black political groups and antiwar activists. He said they used the war on drugs to go after these groups because it wasn’t illegal to be black or to protest the war so they used drug prohibition as an excuse to use government force to punish those that questioned Nixon’s policies by kicking down their doors, arresting them, stealing their property and throwing them in prison.

The effects of the racism that created this evil act still exists today. Here is Jay-Z’s take on it. I don’t agree with all his facts or what he leaves out but he gets the big picture right. One thing I’d like to add that Bill Clinton’s administration greatly increased the number of arrests for cannabis possession. During his first term there was an increase of 60% and he also singed into law the three strikes law that has penalized minorities severely and a lot of times included crimes that were drug related.

Cannabis is an extremely useful plant that has been used in medicine, eaten for food, made into clothing, canvas and into rope for thousands of years. Some people date back its use over 10,000 years or more.  In the 1940’s the U.S. government even encouraged farmers to grow hemp (Non-psychoactive Cannabis) for the war effort. The psychoactive variant is extremely safe. There is zero reported deaths due to overdose. It is shown to have anti-cancer properties (by the U.S. government), its shown to help with chronic pain and state’s that legalize Cannabis have up to 25% less opioid overdose deaths as well. And the efficacy and safety of Cannabis was known during Anslinger’s time as well. About fifty percent of all medicine had cannabis in it in the 1920’s. Even studies done in the 1930’s showed definitively that Cannabis didn’t cause anyone including minorities to become crazed, sexual predators. In fact it showed the opposite. Needless to say Henry Anslinger did everything he could to discredit and suppress its findings. The report was called the “Laguardia Report”. Here are the top ten findings of the report.

From the foregoing study the following conclusions are drawn:

Marihuana is used extensively in the Borough of Manhattan but the problem is not as acute as it is reported to be in other sections of the United States.
The introduction of marihuana into this area is recent as compared to other localities.
The cost of marihuana is low and therefore within the purchasing power of most persons.
The distribution and use of marihuana is centered in Harlem.
The majority of marihuana smokers are Negroes and Latin-Americans.
The consensus among marihuana smokers is that the use of the drug creates a definite feeling of adequacy.
The practice of smoking marihuana does not lead to addiction in the medical sense of the word.
The sale and distribution of marihuana is not under the control of any single organized group.
The use of marihuana does not lead to morphine or heroin or cocaine addiction and no effort is made to create a market for these narcotics by stimulating the practice of marihuana smoking.
Marihuana is not the determining factor in the commission of major crimes.
Marihuana smoking is not widespread among school children.
Juvenile delinquency is not associated with the practice of smoking marihuana.
The publicity concerning the catastrophic effects of marihuana smoking in New York City is unfounded.


Using Cannabis instead of Marijuana is a small way to rebel against the power mad individuals in government who derive their livelihood from drug prohibition and the corporations that profit from it as well. Cannabis is an amazing plant that everyone no matter the color of their skin, has the right to consume or not consume. When we use the word Marijuana we are agreeing in some small part with idea that the government or the majority own us, that our lives are not our own. I reject that idea as false and evil. Every individual owns themselves. That means you have sovereignty over your mind and body. No majority of voters, Congress, the DEA or anyone else has the power or authority to violate your inherent natural right of self-ownership.

When you are arguing a point its important not to argue on your opponent’s turf. Those in power still believe they have the right to ban outright or to tightly regulate and highly tax this non-toxic miraculous plant. When we use the term Marijuana we are using a word that the government and the puritanical racists of the past used to start a war that has led to the arrest of 20 million people, led to the theft of  billions of dollars of property  through “civil forfeiture” and what’s worse is that they funded this trillion dollar tyranny with tax payer money. I reject this word just as I reject the ideological underpinnings of the War on Drugs. I hope others will begin to use the more accurate and scientific term of Cannabis rather than Marijuana so that the truth about this miraculous plant once again is known throughout the world.

More Freedom equals more peace, health and prosperity.

Brad Miller



Law Enforcement Individuals Can End The War on Drugs

“What, then, is law? As I have said elsewhere, it is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense. Frederic Bastiat

Laws that are unnatural and violate the rights of individuals is not a law and it should not be enforced. The excuse of those who wear a badge and a uniform have for centuries used the excuse “we just enforce the law”. This excuse helped to doom 200 million people who were killed by governments around the world during the 20th century. Governments in reality didn’t kill those unfathomable numbers of people. It was the enforcers of the state “law enforcement” in the police and the military that arrested, imprisoned and executed these people.

Laws do not remove the responsibility and consequences of evil actions taken by those who are merely enforcing them. Only individuals act. Whether it’s in the military, the police force or in Congress, it’s individuals who make decisions to kill, steal or to imprison. Individuals who have become guardians of the state are tasked with violating individual rights due to “laws” on a daily basis. Individuals in uniform have the moral right, the ethical duty and the power to not enforce these unnatural laws that direct them to initiate violence against peaceful individuals.

Police officers, military personnel, DEA agents, and all the other defenders of the state have an amazing opportunity to create peace, prosperity and help millions of people all by not enforcing Drug Prohibition Laws. When law enforcement officers put on the badge, gun and uniform they do not have any special rights. Their rights are the same as any of us. And it’s because of our basic inherent right to self-defense.  Those in law enforcement are being used to protect budgets, fill prisons for profits, keep drug courts flowing and pharmaceutical companies in the black.

Police individuals are risking their life everyday for this. Is it worth it? That is the question everyone who works in law enforcement should ask themselves each day. Is it worth busting someone for the possession of a plant? Is it worth breaking down someone’s door, shooting their dog, and possibly killing them for a plant that has been used for over 10,000 years with no reported deaths due to overdose or allergic reaction? Peanuts kill more people than cannabis. Should law enforcement be used to raid the Jiffy plant?

If you wear a gun and a badge you are to enforce the law. Not the law of man but the natural law. This natural law is simply the recognition that each individual (including law enforcement agents) own themselves. Everyone has sovereignty over their own mind and their own body. It is everyone’s right to consume and produce what they choose to unless it violates the natural rights of others. If someone does initiate force against another, then that is where the police come in.

Protection of persons and property from harm is what the original intent and the only “lawful” use of force in society. That is an extension of self-defense. Law Enforcement officers can choose to not participate in no-knock warrants, to breaking down doors looking for drugs, or busting people who possess Cannabis. If the legislature will not act then it is every cops moral responsibility to act to nullify Drug Prohibition.

Right now your unions, your bosses, and all those who wield political power to enrich themselves are fighting with everything they have to keep Cannabis and other drugs illegal. Why is that? Because if they don’t their budgets will shrink, they will lose power and their pockets will be less full. It is sad when people profit from the suffering of others that they cause. You don’t have to a part of that system. You no longer need to be the instruments of evil of these people who don’t care about you or anyone else but themselves. Small actions taken by individuals added up together over time can create a revolution.

Jacky Hunt is a perfect example of those in power who profit from the War on Drugs. He is director of the drug task force in Kentucky and now complaining because hemp is legal to grow in that state. He said recently after spending who knows how much tax payer money surveilling a legal hemp grow “Law Enforcement fought tooth and nail with the implementation of this program. For me as a drug task director, I am looking for the potential for abuse…We already have so much to battle, and now we have a crop out there for all intense purposes looks exactly like the crop we are fighting against.”

Do you want to be on the side with that guy? He is saying that law enforcement is in a war against a crop. How insane is that? The problem is that crops don’t bleed, they don’t have families that miss them when they are gone, they don’t have property that can be stolen, and they don’t pay taxes. The real war is against individuals and their inherent rights. The real war is all about control, money, and violence. That man has a chance to change the world by simply stating that all Cannabis should be legal and that would free up cops to go after those who steal, murder and rape. Cannabis doesn’t do any of those things.

You are being used, you are being put in harms way, you are being told to hurt, kidnap, and kill people over a plant. You are better than that. Your life is worth more than that. The person’s life who chooses to use or not use drugs, is worth more than that. Police Unions, Correction Officer Unions, Directors of Drug Task Forces, and all those who gain power and profits from using you to steal, kidnap and murder, believe that your life and the individuals in society are disposable, unimportant, and have no natural rights.

Every individual has the right to self-defense, to consume and produce what they choose and to associate with whomever they choose to. The individuals who wear a gun and a costume don’t have any rights beyond what everyone else has. Each individual in Law Enforcement has the ability to ignore unjust laws, has the duty to refuse to invade someone’s home over a “crop”, and should immediately refuse to take someone’s life simply for growing or owning a plant.

Ending the enforcement of Drug Prohibition in the state of Georgia and across America is the fastest way to create a more peaceful and prosperous society and to reduce the violence between individuals whether they are wearing a badge or not. If you are interested more in this subject please visit Law Enforcement Against Prohibition. They have tens of thousands of former Law Enforcement Officers who are speaking out against the failed drug war. You have a responsibility to yourself to hear the other side. You are filled with propaganda all day long about the war on drugs. It’s time that all Law Enforcement to see what that the War on Drugs really is and that’s a war on people.

If you want to join LEAP I will personally pay the membership fee for the first 100 current Law Enforcement Agents who want to join.

You have the power to end the war overnight. You can read Frederic Bastiat’s “The Law” free on Mises.org:


Creating a Freer tomorrow by acting today

Brad Miller


Ten Reasons to Legalize Cannabis today

The drug war against growers, sellers and of users of Cannabis is a war against society itself.

Cannabis is a plant. It has been smoked inhaled and ingested by human beings for thousands of years. It is safe, has many medical benefits and it makes you feel good.

Here are the top ten reasons to end the Prohibition on Pot.

1. THE INSANE COST: Over a trillion dollars has been spent on the drug war in the last 40 years. Most of that has been spent on stopping the growers, sellers and buyers of Marijuana.

2. THE GROWTH OF POLICE STATE: The drug war empowers police to violate the privacy of any person on the planet. It has fueled the militarization of the police from the DEA down to the local police SWAT team.

3. REDISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH: Not only has a Trillion dollars been stolen from tax payers to fuel the Drug Warriors directly, police departments across the country split over 1.6 billion in seized property related to drug crimes each year. This is a massive redistribution of wealth from society to the state.

4. ALLEVIATION OF NEEDLESS SUFFERING: Tens of thousands of sick people already have gained enormous benefit from smoking Cannabis and millions more would benefit if it were legal. Cannabis is a proven anti-nausea and anti-vomiting treatment which has been shown effective in thousands of cancer and AIDS patients across the country. The idea that Cannabis is a medicine is nothing new, over a hundred papers were written about the benefits of plant were written between 1840 and 1900 enumerating the many maladies the miracle medicine relieved.The active ingredients in Cannabis relieves pain and does so without the liver destroying side effects and addictive properties of percocet, vicodin or Oxycontin. Cannabis also lessens the symptoms of everything from migraines to menstrual cramps. It could also be a very effective reliever of the symptoms of the FLU and virus as well. Cannabis reduces the effects of auto-immune disorders such as Chron’s Disease and Psoriasis. And it is one of the most effective treatments for Glaucoma.

5. LOWER HEALTH CARE COSTS: Not only is Cannabis effective against a whole host of diseases, it is also very cheap to grow and harvest. If it weren’t for the Prohibition induced premium on the plant t, it is estimated that each “dose” would cost less than two dollars. Instead of paying the drug companies for their side-effect inducing factory made medicine you could grow your own at home. It would also eliminate millions of trips to the doctor and emergency rooms because people could treat themselves for many ailments.

6. LOWER PRISON POPULATION: Over 20,000,000 individuals were incarcerated due to Cannabis busts in the last 40 years. That is a boom for the private prison industry but a disaster for taxpayers and the people who were busted. Think about the lawyer and court costs of those 20,000,000 people who were incarcerated. This financial burden along with lost time on a job means many families of the incarcerated suffer horrbile finacial burdens. This leads to more and more dependence on the state and taxpayers ultimatley pick up the tab. While in prison many non-violent drug offenders are put in with hardened criminals and when released begin a life of real crime, against property and persons. Having the largest prison population on the planet makes us less safe and all of us less prosperous.

7. LESS VIOLENCE IN SOCIETY: If politicians really want to save lives they should be falling all over each other to legalize Cannabis. A government study done on soldiers in the 1930’s showed definitively that smoking Marijuana decreases violent tendencies in men. The recommendation then was to allow individuals in the United States to legally purchase pot. Of course the opposite happened and in the 1930’s Marijuana Prohibition started in earnest and the destructive War on Drugs began. The Drug War fuels the violence between Cops and dealers and between the dealers themselves in this country and around the world. If pot were legal than maybe the 40,000 individuals who have been killed in the Cartel Wars along the US/Mexican border might still be alive today. Prohibition leads to violence. Smoking Pot doesn’t.

8. IT’S THE SAFEST INTOXICANT ON PLANET EARTH: Cannabis is exponentially safer than Tobacco and Alcohol. These two over the counter legal substances have led to the deaths of over 440,000 Americans just in the last year. Do you know how many cases of emphysema or other lung related deaths have been caused by Marijuana? The answer is ZERO. Do you know how many people had overdosed on Marijuana in the last 5000 years? The answer is zero. It is medically impossible to OD on the stuff. (I am not for banning either alcohol or tobacco.)

9. CANNABIS USE  STRENGTHENS SOCIETY: Cannabis is a herb that encourages socialization. Humans are social animals. We all need to have regular positive contact with other human beings. In this ever isolated society, Cannabis brings people together in a positive way.

10. CANNABIS HELPS WITH CREATIVITY: Cannabis has been shown to help thousands of people to increase their creative output. The typical image of a person who uses pot is the “Stoner” and that image is mostly incorrect. Sure there are those who smoke pot because they just enjoy it and want to relax and there is nothing wrong with that. But there are a lot of people out there who smoke pot not because they want to do less in life, but because they want to do more and to enjoy it. For me the perfect example is Joe Rogan. He is a stand up comedian, UFC commentator, black belt in Brazilian jujitsu, host of one of the most successful podcasts on the planet and creator of his own clothing line. This guy is a doer and he smokes a lot of Cannabis.

And the Main Reason to Legalize Cannabis is because…

YOU OWN YOUR BODY: You have the God-given right to stick whatever you want down your pie-hole. Cannabis makes you feel better, whether it’s because you had a rough day at work or because you have cancer. There are no reasons why adult individuals in the “So Called Land of the Free” shouldn’t be able to go down to the liquor store and choose between a twelve pack of budlight or an ounce of bud.

Freedom is not divisible. If you believe in limited government, lower taxes, and more individual freedom than you must support the legalization of Cannabis.

Brad Miller
(Full disclosure: I don’t smoke the stuff but I think everyone should have the right to if they choose)

Calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to End Cannabis Prohibition in Georgia

This is the post excerpt.

I am calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to end Cannabis Prohibition in Georgia today. He has the authority to tell law enforcement officials across the state to immediately cease arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning individuals who simply possess, ingest or grow this miraculous plant.

This issue boils down to the question: “Do you own your body or does the government?”  Every adult should be free to choose to ingest this plant or not. It is safe, has medicinal benefits, aides in creativity, has many mental benefits and above all is a plant that has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years.

Individuals own themselves. They are the arbiter of what they choose to ingest or not ingest. They reap the consequences as well as the benefits. Only individuals know the cost/benefit analysis for themselves. Now if a person taking drugs or not taking drugs violates the rights of others they need to be held responsible. Simply ingesting a substance or in fact merely possessing it doesn’t constitute a crime.

We all have sovereignty over our own body and our own mind. What you ingest is simply an extension of this. To continue prohibition in the state of Georgia is a tragedy and continues the misguided belief that the government should tell individuals what they can and can’t ingest. Or what individuals can grow. Remember this is a plant. You plant the seed and it grows with sunlight and water.

What makes cannabis different from every other plant on Earth is that it contains more disease and symptom fighting compounds than just about anything yet discovered. THC and CBD are two of the phytocannabinoids that have show tremendous power in helping reduce pain, insomnia, nausea, and inflammation. To restrict or limit this miraculous plant is purposely and knowingly inflicting tremendous harm on hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia.

Millions of people will immediately benefit from using Cannabis. Millions more will not have to worry about the stigma or the possibility of going to jail or having their possessions seized simply because they possess a plant that they find enhances their lives.   Ending Cannabis Prohibition will also benefit the police, the courts and the whole justice system in Georgia. The effect will be to immediately change the relationship between police and the citizens. It will also help reallocate tax payer dollars that pay for the police to be used to actually help protect persons and property.

Cannabis is a safe substance that is been proven to be beneficial. It is extremely complex and can be grown in an infinite type of strains with different beneficial chemical ratios. The Federal Government knows this. They own two patents on the constituents of Cannabis that show it beneficial in treating tens of diseases and alleviating many symptoms of disease. Hundreds of studies have been done that shows its effectiveness in treating over a hundred conditions. Before 1937 Cannabis was used in around 50% of the medicines sold. It has been used for thousands of years by people around the world. The AMA was not for prohibition of Cannabis in the 1930’s.

It is only because of Cannabis and the research into it that humans know we all have an endocannabinoid system. We think everything is known about the human body right? Well it wasn’t until the 1990’s that scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system that all mammals have including humans. This is a huge discovery and is just now being taught in a few medical colleges around the country. The studies are done, the experience of millions confirms, that this plant is beneficial and should be legalized immediately.

We all have the right to ingest what we choose. We all have the right to pursue our definition of happiness as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others. If Governor Nathan Deal wants to help millions of people, wants to help Georgia farmers grow hemp and make millions, if he wants to free up limited policing resources to be used to protect actual persons and property, and if he wants to help create billions of dollars in revenue for Georgia businesses and hundreds of millions in new taxes, all he has to do is write one sentence and get it out to all law enforcement in the state of Georgia:

” I Governor Nathan Deal instruct the law enforcement agencies in the state of Georgia to immediately cease to arrest, prosecute, imprison, or seize the property, of persons who possess or grow cannabis in the state of Georgia”

This as simple as it gets. I am done waiting for the Georgia Legislature to act. In order to end the suffering of millions, to increase the number of jobs in Georgia, to help improve the relationship between the police and the citizenry, and above all improve the freedom we all enjoy in this great state of Georgia we need the Governor of Georgia to step up and protect the freedom of the individuals and end the Prohibition on Cannabis immediately.

I don’t want to move to Denver or Seattle. I’ve already spent over $6,000 in Colorado with travel, hotel rooms, food and entertainment that I would much rather spend those dollars in Georgia. I’m not well. I have several autoimmune issues and suffer from small bowel obstructions and pancreatitis as well as chronic abdominal pain from the hundreds of adhesions caused by many surgeries I’ve endured but life is extremely difficult. I don’t consume Cannabis  now in Georgia for fear of the guardians of the state throwing me in jail and seizing my property.

Thousands of Georgians are suffering with Cancer. Thousands more have autoimmune diseases and other ailments that can instantly be help by ingesting Cannabis. Georgia can and should lead the southeast in establishing itself as a beacon of hope and freedom for all those who want to live, work and prosper here. The time is now to act. I urge everyone who wants to see Cannabis Prohibition end in Georgia contact Gov. Nathan Deal today.