I have suffered from chronic pain and chronic illness since I was 12 years old. I’ve been in and out of hospitals, had a bunch of major surgeries, have psoriasis, and now struggle with chronic pancreatitis. I’ve been involved with the medical system for close to thirty years and I have found it corrupted by regulations and big pharmaceutical companies who benefit from the prohibition of Cannabis and other drugs. Pharmaceuticals with terrible side effects are pushed on patients when a natural plant could do the job so much better.

I am primal lifestyle advocate, organic food eating, healthy solution seeking individual. I believe that I own my own body and my mind and I have the right to reap the benefit of as well as the consequences of ingesting Cannabis. I don’t need the government to protect me from this. I am an adult. My pain is personal. My misery is my own. Millions of people have benefited from using Cannabis from everything from cancer to migraines to helping with Chron’s disease and alleviating chronic pain.

I don’t ingest Cannabis in the state of Georgia because of the continued prohibition enforced by Governor Nathan Deal and everyone in law enforcement and the justice system. Ending Cannabis Prohibition doesn’t need to be debated, this isn’t an issue that needs to be voted on. Cannabis and all drug prohibition is a violation of my individual rights and the millions of other residents of the state of Georgia.

I’ve traveled to Denver several times to try it for myself and I’ve found it to help relieve my pain and inflammation. In fact one day in Denver I didn’t hurt at all and had one of the best days of my life after attending a Cannabis cooking class. I don’t want to smoke it. I don’t want to get stoned and do nothing. I want to do more and experience more of life. Chronic Pain is like a prison. It limits where I go, what I think, and who I interact with. Cannabis can help me escape this prison.I don’t need the threat of going to a real prison hanging over my head when I am simply attempting to feel better without hurting anyone else.

The safety of Cannabis can not be debated. It has never caused an overdose death. Thousands of people die every year due to narcotics overdose but they are legal. Thousands more die from other prescription drugs. If Cannabis  were discovered in the Amazon rainforest today it would be labeled as the most miraculous plant ever discovered.

If your rights are taken away by a dictator or through democratic voting the result is the same. You peaceful choices in life are limited.  It is wrong to penalize people for ingesting a plant. I want everyone who is for ending the war on cannabis in the state of Georgia to contact your representative, senator as well as Governor Nathan Deal. Write to your local newspaper and call your local tv station. The time is now for the state of Georgia to lead the way as the beacon of freedom for the rest of the Southeast.