GA farmers should be free to grow hemp

Farmers in Maine are starting to grow Hemp. Hemp is the non-psychoactive strain of Cannabis Sativa. It has been used for thousands of years for food, oil, rope and to make clothing. It is an amazing crop and there is zero reason to prevent Georgia Farmers from growing this amazing cash crop.

The climate of south Georgia is perfect for growing Hemp. It could be harvested three times per year. Hemp takes less fertilizer and less water than many crops. It can be used to “clean up” sites. It grows where other crops won’t.

There is a growing market for Hemp made products. Datsusara is an amazing company that is making great backpacks completely out of hemp fibers. Unfortunatley they have to import the fiber. Onnit is a human optimization company that sells Hemp Force Protein. It is a protein powder that many athletes use. But they have to import hemp seeds from Canada. This is insane. If politicians are concerned about unemployment and want to increase manufacturing in Georgia, legalizing Cannabis across the board is a great way to do it.

Everything from plastic, building materials, bio-oil, clothing, paper and food can be obtained from this miraculous plant. Why prevent Georgia farmers from growing this amazingly sustainable profitable crop? Right now Europe grows most of the hemp in the world. In the past America was the leading grower of Hemp. The U.S. government even made a propaganda video during WWII encouraging farmers to grow it. The film was produced by the Department of Agriculture in 1942.

“Hemp for Victory”

The demand for Hemp as a food product is growing as more and more people are learning about the amazing benefits of both the seeds and the oil that can be derived from them. Hemp seeds contain all the amino acids making them a complete protein, they are a good source of omega 3, and they are reported to help lower cholesterol as well. Hemp seeds can produce a milk substitute  too. The state of Georgia could become the largest grower of Hemp in the world. Or a few farmers would choose to grow it. The key is that they should have the choice. Ending Cannabis prohibition would give them the option.

Hemp has many other benefits as well. It is very popular option for people looking for an eco-friendly product to meet their needs. Hemp can be used in combination with lime to create Hempcrete. It is a cost effective, light, easy to handle and crack proof building material. It can also be used to make a highly durable paper. The U.S. Constitution was drafted on Hemp paper. Hemp can also be used as animal bedding. It is naturally anti-microbial, absorbs 4x its volume in water and is extremely durable. Once used up it can be easily composted. Hemp can also be used to make plastics. Several large auto manufacturers are using hemp plastic components including Mercedes. The demand for Hemp for food and industrial purposes will only grow as farmers and consumers begin to understand how good it is for them as well as the planet.

This is another reason we need to have Cannabis legalized in Georgia. There doesn’t need to be a lot of complicated oversight for growing hemp. End the restrictions and allow farmers to grow this plant. Farmers have done it for thousands of years, the U.S. government encouraged it to be grown 1942, and thousands of people are still growing it around the world today. Its time to increase the atmosphere of freedom in the state of Georgia so individuals can enjoy better health and become more prosperous. Growing Hemp and the industries that will grow around it will benefit all that are involved and also the consumers who are getting products made with a sustainable, durable, natural product. Cannabis is truly a miraculous plant!!!!

Brad Miller


Author: Brad Miller

I am an adherent of the Freedom Philosophy, Primal Living Advocate, chronic pain endurer, autoimmune disease warrior, who understands that I own myself.

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