Calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to End Cannabis Prohibition in Georgia

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I am calling on Gov. Nathan Deal to end Cannabis Prohibition in Georgia today. He has the authority to tell law enforcement officials across the state to immediately cease arresting, prosecuting and imprisoning individuals who simply possess, ingest or grow this miraculous plant.

This issue boils down to the question: “Do you own your body or does the government?”  Every adult should be free to choose to ingest this plant or not. It is safe, has medicinal benefits, aides in creativity, has many mental benefits and above all is a plant that has been cultivated by humans for thousands of years.

Individuals own themselves. They are the arbiter of what they choose to ingest or not ingest. They reap the consequences as well as the benefits. Only individuals know the cost/benefit analysis for themselves. Now if a person taking drugs or not taking drugs violates the rights of others they need to be held responsible. Simply ingesting a substance or in fact merely possessing it doesn’t constitute a crime.

We all have sovereignty over our own body and our own mind. What you ingest is simply an extension of this. To continue prohibition in the state of Georgia is a tragedy and continues the misguided belief that the government should tell individuals what they can and can’t ingest. Or what individuals can grow. Remember this is a plant. You plant the seed and it grows with sunlight and water.

What makes cannabis different from every other plant on Earth is that it contains more disease and symptom fighting compounds than just about anything yet discovered. THC and CBD are two of the phytocannabinoids that have show tremendous power in helping reduce pain, insomnia, nausea, and inflammation. To restrict or limit this miraculous plant is purposely and knowingly inflicting tremendous harm on hundreds of thousands of people in Georgia.

Millions of people will immediately benefit from using Cannabis. Millions more will not have to worry about the stigma or the possibility of going to jail or having their possessions seized simply because they possess a plant that they find enhances their lives.   Ending Cannabis Prohibition will also benefit the police, the courts and the whole justice system in Georgia. The effect will be to immediately change the relationship between police and the citizens. It will also help reallocate tax payer dollars that pay for the police to be used to actually help protect persons and property.

Cannabis is a safe substance that is been proven to be beneficial. It is extremely complex and can be grown in an infinite type of strains with different beneficial chemical ratios. The Federal Government knows this. They own two patents on the constituents of Cannabis that show it beneficial in treating tens of diseases and alleviating many symptoms of disease. Hundreds of studies have been done that shows its effectiveness in treating over a hundred conditions. Before 1937 Cannabis was used in around 50% of the medicines sold. It has been used for thousands of years by people around the world. The AMA was not for prohibition of Cannabis in the 1930’s.

It is only because of Cannabis and the research into it that humans know we all have an endocannabinoid system. We think everything is known about the human body right? Well it wasn’t until the 1990’s that scientists discovered the endocannabinoid system that all mammals have including humans. This is a huge discovery and is just now being taught in a few medical colleges around the country. The studies are done, the experience of millions confirms, that this plant is beneficial and should be legalized immediately.

We all have the right to ingest what we choose. We all have the right to pursue our definition of happiness as long as we don’t infringe on the rights of others. If Governor Nathan Deal wants to help millions of people, wants to help Georgia farmers grow hemp and make millions, if he wants to free up limited policing resources to be used to protect actual persons and property, and if he wants to help create billions of dollars in revenue for Georgia businesses and hundreds of millions in new taxes, all he has to do is write one sentence and get it out to all law enforcement in the state of Georgia:

” I Governor Nathan Deal instruct the law enforcement agencies in the state of Georgia to immediately cease to arrest, prosecute, imprison, or seize the property, of persons who possess or grow cannabis in the state of Georgia”

This as simple as it gets. I am done waiting for the Georgia Legislature to act. In order to end the suffering of millions, to increase the number of jobs in Georgia, to help improve the relationship between the police and the citizenry, and above all improve the freedom we all enjoy in this great state of Georgia we need the Governor of Georgia to step up and protect the freedom of the individuals and end the Prohibition on Cannabis immediately.

I don’t want to move to Denver or Seattle. I’ve already spent over $6,000 in Colorado with travel, hotel rooms, food and entertainment that I would much rather spend those dollars in Georgia. I’m not well. I have several autoimmune issues and suffer from small bowel obstructions and pancreatitis as well as chronic abdominal pain from the hundreds of adhesions caused by many surgeries I’ve endured but life is extremely difficult. I don’t consume Cannabis  now in Georgia for fear of the guardians of the state throwing me in jail and seizing my property.

Thousands of Georgians are suffering with Cancer. Thousands more have autoimmune diseases and other ailments that can instantly be help by ingesting Cannabis. Georgia can and should lead the southeast in establishing itself as a beacon of hope and freedom for all those who want to live, work and prosper here. The time is now to act. I urge everyone who wants to see Cannabis Prohibition end in Georgia contact Gov. Nathan Deal today.

Author: Brad Miller

I am an adherent of the Freedom Philosophy, Primal Living Advocate, chronic pain endurer, autoimmune disease warrior, who understands that I own myself.

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